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30 minutes, hands $45

60 minutes, hands or feet* $75
*Initial foot reflexology session is 90 minutes ($95), which also includes
professional foot measurement, gait analysis, and footwear consultation.

90 minutes, feet or hands & feet $95

The Magnum Opus $250

90 minutes with a luxury foot spa and live harp music.

Add a soothing mineral salt foot soak $10

Add a luxury foot spa bath $20

Gift Certificates for any service or amount are always available.



Spa Menu

Select a special foot spa treatment from the menu and indulge your senses!
Please order your spa treatment at least 24hrs before your session.


Victorian Secrets 


The sweet comfort of things remembered, this delicate treatment begins with a heated pillow for your neck, followed by a silky buttermilk and rosebud bath for your feet. Organic lavender blossoms and rose petals are crushed into a fine sugar foot scrub, gently smoothing your skin. An exclusive mix of gentle harp recordings accompanies your reflexology session, which finishes with a moisturizing rub of lavender and chamomile infused shea butter.



Buddha's Garden


A blend of Asian influences brings you the serenity of a Zen garden, in a private tea ceremony for your feet. We begin by bathing your feet in a warm pool of water over smooth, river-polished rocks. Freshly steeped green tea is slowly poured in, followed by a hint of pure lemongrass oil. A cleansing rub of sea salt purifies and exfoliates, and then your feet are rinsed clean by a gentle cascade of cool, clear water. Tibetan chimes begin and end your reflexology session, complementing a delicate backdrop of traditional Koto and harp music.



Ceremonial Sage


Inspired by cleansing and healing practices sacred to many Native American nations, this natural treatment helps you to honor your own inner "medicine." A crystal-clear water bath is infused with purifying organic sage, and poured over heated river rock. A colorful rub of sacred blue corn meal smoothes your skin, as ancestral flute music soothes your spirit. After a meditative session of reflexology, your special healing ceremony closes with a smokeless smudging mist of cedar and white sage, honoring our intent to "walk in beauty."



Lemon Mint Fizz


This bright and invigorating pick-me-up will enliven those old soles and tingle your toes! Begin with a bowl of fresh water. Mix in a generous splash of refreshing lemon. Garnish with sprigs of fresh mint and lemon slices. Stir in a half-cup of our secret ingredient, and...well, you've got to feel it to believe it! Your tingly foot tonic is followed by a zesty lemon sugar foot scrub and a rejuvenating session of reflexology. A shimmering shea butter moisturizer with real gold dust tops it all off and puts a playful sparkle in your step.




Neil McNeill
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WA State Certified Reflexologist
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