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About Neil

Neil McNeill created Medicine Bear Healing Arts with the intention of offering clients an integrated healing experience tailored to individual needs.

Neil holds a Mastery Certification in Reflexology from the Seattle Reflexology & Massage Center. He is a practicing member of the International Reflexology Association, a professional member of the Washington Reflexology Association, a Second Degree Reiki practitioner, and a registered counselor in Washington State.

Neil’s interdisciplinary interests include craniosacral therapy, polarity therapy and subtle energies, Native American and shamanic belief systems, and consciousness studies. He is based in Seattle, Washington.

About the Healing Arts

Please be aware that these techniques are not a substitute for proper medical diagnosis, prognosis, or prescription. Always consult a licensed physician with regard to illness, injury, or health concerns.

Reflexology has been practiced in one form or another for nearly five thousand years. Modern reflexology is both an art and a science which views your feet and hands as roadmaps to your entire body. Points on those maps represent your body's various organs, glands and systems. During a session, the reflexologist’s hands provide gentle pressure to these specific points, reflexively soothing the nervous system. This can ease physical and mental tension, promote circulation, and support the body's own natural healing response. During a session, most clients experience profound relaxation. Afterwards, a greater sense of physical and energetic connectedness can last for hours or days. The effects of reflexology are cumulative, so having regular sessions can help you restore and maintain your natural state of health and well-being.

Energy Medicine includes many non-invasive therapies and techniques that work with the body's naturally generated electrical field. Traditional Chinese medicine believes this naturally produced energy (chi or qi) flows through the body in pathways, or meridians. Traditional East Indian medicine locates this energy in specific energy centers called chakras. In both systems, this energy also surrounds the body. Stress, injury, and illness can damage the energy pathways or centers. When this happens, physical symptoms can begin to appear -- fatigue, anxiety, depression and more. During a session, one or more methods might be used to strengthen and repair the energy field. These techniques may include Reiki, therapeutic touch, craniosacral therapy, still point induction, chakra therapy, and simple visualization and meditation techniques. Using the body’s energy centers and pathways to soothe and improve the natural energy field can boost your ability to balance and heal yourself.

Spiritual counseling can help you identify, clarify, and bring wholeness and balance to current life issues, by bringing awareness and respect of the sacred Spirit present in all things. Neil's own spiritual life is grounded in the teachings and practices of Plains and Southwest Native Americans, who believed that Bear was the Father of all healing and medicine. This perspective, along with his focus as a registered counselor in the state of Washington, is what he offers to clients.



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